Monday, 11 July 2011

SNK Classics To Be Released As PSP Minis [July 19th] ??

Saw this via SpekSNK.

PSPMinis is reporting that the next wave of SNK games to be released on to PSN will be released as PSP Mini games instead of being part of the Neo Geo Station service.

I think this is actually quite a smart move by SNK as most of these games are now 'a bit old' for the modern gamer, and many would not fork out a lot of money for such retro games but at a budget price they may consider it.

Right now it's being reported that each game will cost $3 (with additional discounts for PS+ subscribers) and be released on the 19th of July. I cannot currently find details for European or Japanese release dates/prices, though i would imagine they would either be the same time or follow shortly.

Games to be released are as follows:

Guerilla War
HAL 21
Ikari Warriors
Marvin’s Maze
Ozma Wars
Sasuke vs. Commander

As far as i can tell there is no official word from SNKP regarding this as of yet.

Since i have about $14 sitting in my PSN account, if they do indeed come out on the 19th July i'll be picking up a few of these. :)

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