Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Tengai Makyo Shin Den / Far East Of Eden: Kabuki Klash Combo Videos

Since i haven't played it for a while i decided to play a little bit of Kabuki Klash last night, after playing it for a bit i decided to go off and scour Youtube for combo videos and came across these two. 

Most of these combos seem to be require set ups so don't look to be very useable in a real match, from what i can understand of the game it doesn't seem to be very combo heavy.

I've always been quite fond of this game though, as it was one i played in the arcade whilst growing up, it's a shame that it never made it's way onto any home console other than the Neo Geo AES/CD.

I believe there were also only two fighting games made from this series (originally it's a RPG), one being the Neo Geo version and the other being a PC Engine CD game and since then there have been no sequels to the fighting games (though there have been RPG versions).

It's not exactly the greatest fighting game out there, but well worth checking out if you have the chance.

Check out HardcoreGaming101's page for more information on this series of games.

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