Thursday, 28 July 2011


THEANSWER has been uploading a load of photos from the console build of KOFXIII on to his Twitter page, some of the more interesting ones so far.

I'm not quite sure whether that is actually Kusanagi or a costume for the regular Kyo, but stay tuned to his Twitter feed for more. He also mentions nerfs to Elisabeth, and longer charge times for Raiden's dropkick.


  1. (I remembered my google account, kuh kuh kuh kuh).

    For the record, I remember that the Arcade Infinite crew misunderstood what changes were made from XIII 1.0 to XIII 1.1 based on their experience playing the game, in fact they needed other communities to correct them on that; I'm not saying "you dumb" or anything like that, but I wouldn't take seriously comments based on a few hours of play. In fact I'm not even sure if the Answer mains K', Raiden or Elizabeth, thus comments might be subjective.

    Within the things that make K', K' we have his "shorter than Blue Mary jumps", his "high speed Eins Trigger" move and the fact that low kick -> Trigger can outrange every character in the game (adding Billy to the game doesn't change this fact). As long as any of those 3 factors is changes (or better yet, those 3); any other buff that K' might have are not "a definitive add" to him towering the rest of the cast.

    However I expect K' to remain pretty pretty close to what he is in arcade; after all the people that are burning money in XIII are doing so with K' and Raiden. Raping them balance wise could be seen as a betrayed to those costumer (the arcade market, which SNK seems to take care a lot).

  2. lol i always wondered why you go by so many different names.

    I think you're right, in terms of balance changes i would think it should be taken with a pinch of salt given the time played so far.

  3. Many? I only have "2", one which is "Toxico" (it became so widespread that "it became my name") and the other one "Okashira" (the, let's say "the nick for my nick"). Sometimes I add Avenger (or a engrish Avanger) to Toxico when it's already being used by someone.

    The "other" (the one on the site) it's actually another guy who basically types what I tell him to + his own stuff for the blog, with me reviewing things that he can't get (eng + jp text).

  4. haha yeah, i just noticed you had a different screen name on different sites.
    MMCafe=Toxico / ON=Toxic Avanger / Here=Okashira

    Ah really? i thought the Analogia site was yours?

  5. I normally use Okashira on anime focused boards.

    The analogies site has it's very own story: Basically, I started doing them on my own with references that I read on eng or jp or things that I noticed and did them for an ES forum. At one point that forum croaked due to lousy hosting and the webmaster (one of my "sewer rat arcade fiend" pals that I have known for quite some years) started saying that it was a drag for both the "speech translation" work that I did for the characters and the "comparison" work that I did just went to hell.

    Then he started berating me that I should make a blog about it and I refused because it would require too much work and too many things and etc and I had little time to research and enhance my perspective about things; then he went on and researched things that he remembered from what I started and began with the blog. Of course, since we meet periodically and we speak on MSN all the time, I more or less investigate and write for about half of the content on the blog even though I'm not the webmaster (in fact, I have "editing permission" for the blog and can add or edit text to it), in other words I'm not "the driving force" of the blog, and it's easy to tell that while he adds much less detail to the comparisons that I originally did, his will to do the blog really takes thing forward specially if you compare that with my lazy self.

    As a trivia, about the translation work, I have a huge ass txt and I'm pretty confident that I have pretty much *almost* *if not all* the character dialog from KoF 94' to KoF XII (XIII is added partially), it's probably twice or 3 times as big as any other non jp dialog source that I have found and I'm quite proud of it... The catch? I did it on Espanglish. I wanted to translate it to English, but I had policy upload troubles with gamefaqs and because of that I kinda went on "heck, if I can't upload it, then why translate it?" In order to keep the work from disappearing (it was already victim of a disk burn where I lost for about 40% progress and I still can make it up) I usually keep a link to the text on my mmcafe profile, as a megaupload file.
    The text organization is super messy as I did it for me to read.

    The effort of translating that started when the speech translation FAQ on gamefaqs got discontinued; I remember that I had the bad luck that when I started working on contributions for that, the author said that he was going to drop it. The thing that kinda bothered me was that the author declared the work as "complete"... Well, since games are to theoretically eternally going to keep popping up, the work is never going to be completely done. There it was also the fact that when we are playing on the arcade people usually ask me "what does he say there" and stuff like that, kinda made me feel important (!?) so I went on with it.

    I have been thinking on doing a Eng version for orochinagi, but I usually either lack the time, am too lazy about it or plain simply forgot.

    ...... I feel like I just splattered here all of my life problems ヽ(;´Д`)ノ .... Then again, thanks for the space, I guess?

  6. haha it's no problem, i enjoy reading about how things come about so it was a good read.

    I tend to peek at the Analogia site once in a while, even though i can't read it, there's alot of good stuff on there.