Sunday, 3 July 2011

Usagi - New Angel Cosplay / KOFXIII Combo Videos

Some new KOF cosplay photos were uploaded today to Usagi's cure page, this time a cosplay of Angel.

Check out her Cure page for more.

Also OutPhase1984 has uploaded two new videos to his Youtube channel.

The first featuring (mainly) K' and also Iori and Kyo.

And the second featuring just Andy.


  1. You can tell that the player doesn't have that much time with the game (or the characters) since the combos aren't "the longest possible combo" and you can tell that his aim was that.

    A clear example, for Andy the player doesn't know "how to break" the Kuhadan and thus, most of his combos are shorter than they should.

  2. Oh, and the girl is too thin to play Angel even though she has pretty decent looks.

  3. heh i think you'd have to be an American porn star to have a body like Angel xD

    I quite like her cosplay of Angel, though i think the Leona is her best one so far. :)