Sunday, 3 July 2011

Walnut CMVS - 'Customer Photos'

Saw this earlier via Analogue Interactive's Facebook page, an owner of the Walnut CMVS unit has submitted some of their photos of it to them.

The unit looks very nice, i still personally overall prefer the original AES colourway/plastic of the Omega Entertainment Machine, though to be honest i couldn't really afford to own either one lol.

Also thought i would take some photos of my personal CMVS unit.

This was built for me by a friend, and probably cost about £150ish after getting a unibios put in and an AES stick.

As you can see it's fairly bare bones, pretty much just a one slot that you would find inside an MVS cabinet with a psu/scart/controller ports coming out of it. I mounted it myself onto a chopping board as i didn't like the exposed wires at the bottom of it lol.

The actual RGB picture quality though is excellent and it does pretty much everything i would want out of an MVS unit.

[Edit]: Just noticed that the Omega Entertainment Machine has now been put up for sale on their official website. There are two packages $499 for the prebuilt one, and $299 for a 'kit' you put together yourself.

Check out more details on their website.

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