Wednesday, 20 July 2011

World Heroes, Metal Slug 2, Shock Troopers, KOF96 Coming Soon To Neo Geo Station??

Saw this trailer via Dreamcancel's forums:

I'm not too sure where it originates from but if it is indeed official it's gonna be good to see Shock Troopers and World Heroes making an appearance, especially since i don't own the first Shock Troopers game yet.

Although i'm not so fond of the first World Heroes game it's release means that eventually World Heroes 2 will be released at some point, which is one of my favourite old school Neo Geo fighters, and one i'm looking forward to seeing on the Neo Geo Station service.

Great news for the near future hopefully but for now we still don't even have the PSP Minis or Neo Geo Station titles, that were released on the US PSN yesterday, here in the UK...Bloody Sony...

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