Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Metal Slug In Real Life

Saw this on Kotaku just now, Youtube user andrewmfilms has created a short video using sprites and sound effects from Metal Slug within a real life setting.

A couple of things which are a shame he didn't include were the 'Heavy Machine Gun' sound effect and the actual Metal Slug itself!!

If you check out his Youtube channel you can see some more similar videos, including 'Real Life Mario'

[Edit]: Also seen on Kotaku, is this Metal Slug made out of Technics parts!!

Created by Youtube user Mahj, you can check out more images of the 'Metal Grudge' on his Flickr account here.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Neo Geo - Karnaval Tamani Al Awal [CD]

This was something that i bought a while back from eBay in a 99p auction, but forgot to do a little write up about, as it is a bit of a curiousity.

The item itself is a music CD, but funnily enough despite the Neo Geo logo on the front actually has nothing to do with SNK or the Neo Geo.

From what i found out via NeoGeoForLife the CD features different Arabic singers singing songs by a composer called Tamani, so other than the logo (which is probably used without permission) it is actually nothing to do with Neo Geo.

Check out the thread there for more details.

My copy of the CD is still actually sealed, as i don't see much point in opening it, maybe at some point when i'm bored on eBay i'll buy another one to open up to have a listen to the mystery music.

Apologies for the sideways images, always annoying when blogspot decides to do that.

World Heroes & Shock Troopers Out This Week On US PSN

Just saw this over on's forums, World Heroes and Shock Troopers are to be released this week on the US PSN.

I'm not too sure what the price will be yet, and no news that i can find of regarding the EU release date yet.

Hopefully it won't take as long as it did for the EU PSN to get KOF95.

Anyways check out the US PSN blog for more details here.

Signed By R / Med Fleed KOF Remixes

I received a couple of e-mails over the weekend regarding some KOF related things, the first being a new KOF related site called 'Signed By R' which has been opened by Rickyo (a French player, who has been to London several times already for KOF tournaments).

You can check that out here, and also subscribe to Rickyo's Twitter feed for KOF news.

The second of the e-mails relates to remixes of various old school KOF BGMs from DJ Med Fleed, i've embedded three of them below.

Subscribe to his Youtube channel for when he uploads more!

Also i think i forgot to mention it before but also it's worth checking out KOF and KOF Funeral who are both friendly sites to this one.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Bas Gros Poing Interviews Yen Hau From RisingStar Games

Bas Gros Poing has uploaded an interview with Yen Hau from RisingStar Games talking about KOFXIII.

Amongst the topics they speak about how the plan to promote the game within the KOF community, that they plan to publish the game in all PAL regions, and their relationship with SNKP.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Take All Comers Website / Sign Ups

As i mentioned previously about the Take All Comers event to be held next month, there is now a website where you can sign up and read full details about the event.

You can check that out here as well as sign up for the KOFXIII tournament, as stated on the site you can pay for entry on the day but you need to sign up by the 7th Sept if you plan to enter the tournament.

RisingStarGames @ Gamescom Video

RisingStarGames has uploaded a video on to their Youtube channel which has some footage of the Gamescom event.

Frionel, one of the top French players in KOF, is also talking about KOFXIII in this video.

Also i recommend pausing @2:07 to see some sweet booth babe ass. <3 woooo!!

Samurai Spirits Oni [Pachislot] Video

Saw this via SPEKSNK, a Youtube user (SANSHIMA) has uploaded a 15 minute video with footage of the display screen of the new Samurai Spirits Oni pachislot machine.

The animation quality is brilliant, i just hope they've put as much work into the story mode of KOFXIII as they have for this pachislot machine.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Garou: Mark Of The Wolves Cups

This past week i was watching an auction for a Garou: MOTW cup, though i didn't bit on it though as it ended at £31...Which is a bit too crazy a price for a cup even though it is a kind of collectable.

The seller noted that it was originally an Arcade Prize, which i assume probably means it came from a UFO catcher or something similar, so was possibly quite a rare item to pop up on eBay.

The one up for auction on eBay was the B.Jenet cup. 

Personally even though it might be a rare item (at least on eBay), these kind of collectables i think are normally cheaper in Japan so in the end i didn't bid on it. As hopefully somewhere down the line i'd like to think i could find it for a lot cheaper.

But anyway the seller also included an image in the auction for what i think is the full set of cups from this series, personally i quite like the ones for Jenet (who i used when i used to play MOTW anyway) and Butt.

And last thing i found on Google Images whilst trying to find more information about these cups, not sure if this was actually in the game (not too familiar with MOTW) but found the racial stereotype kinda amusing. Not too sure what they were thinking when they decided to make him say that... xD

KOF02UM - VERSUS - 22/08/11

A new set of videos from VERSUS has been uploaded by SMOAI2010 from the 22/08/11, featuring KOF02UM as usual.

Still my KOF game of choice, though sadly the scene for it here has pretty much died off whilst people are preparing to play XIII. 

Hopefully i'll sort out my money and working holiday visa soon enough to head out to Japan in a few more months time so i can get back to playing 02UM, not too happy about the prospect of having to play on the square (Street Fighter) type button layout though... =_=



KOFXIII Blog Update - Stages

The official KOFXIII blog has updated again today with the staff talking about the new stages to the console version of the game. Also if you check out MMCafe you can find Toxico's translation of the blog entry.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Samurai Spirits Oni Pachislot

SNKPlaymore have announced a new set of pachislot machines based around Samurai Shodown called Samurai Spirits Oni.

What i found kind of interesting is this newer (more mature?) design Nakoruru is the same one featured in the tutorial mode of KOF-i.

You can check out more images on the official website here

Also something i spotted on Youtube earlier today is that SNKP HK has uploaded a new video to their Youtube channel regarding a new(?) mobile phone version of Metal Slug which features Leona as a playable character. (As well as what looks like another new character)

Strangely the game also features a Sega logo but i can't quite figure out what is the involvment between SNKP and Sega for this game. (Whether it was co-developed or licensed out to Sega)

Either way i hope they start porting these games to the iPhone or at least some sort of device we can use in the West, i still want to play the Athena mobile phone game. =_=

KOFXIII Blog Update - Location Test

SNKPlaymore has updated the KOFXIII Official blog with a short write up about the recent location test held in Japan, as well as a few photos from the event.

Apparently EX Iori was available to play, and according to the interview with Dune he sounds like he'll be a very strong character.

Also it's a little blurry but check out the video uploaded onto SPEKSNK's Youtube channel where you can kinda see a little gameplay with EX Iori.

[Edit]: Also if you check out Cyberfanatix you can see more photos of the flyer that was handed out at the location test, as well as a clearer silhouette image of the mystery characters to be added to the game.

I'm guessing it's Chang and Choi. xD

Friday, 19 August 2011

KOF-i - Mai Shiranui Dialogue VS Ash Crimson

The last of the dialogues from KOF-i featuring Mai Shiranui, this time against Ash Crimson.

I think i've mentioned it previously but i've also already completed doing screenshots of all of Ash's dialogues so once i get the chance i'll start uploading that set.


Mai Shiranui Versus Ash Crimson:

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Take All Comers 9th - 11th Sept

There will be another chance to play KOFXIII in the UK again at the Take All Comers event that will be held during the weekend of the 9th-11th Sept here in the UK.

Some details from the original post on Neoempire:

£20: Entry to venue for VIP night and whole weekend (LIMITED TICKETS)
£15: Entry for Saturday and Sunday only
£5 + per tournament (All prize money to the players!)

Millfield Arts Centre
Silver Street
N18 1PJ


Friday 9th September: 15:00PM - 23:00 VIP Night + Invitational only tournament

Saturday 10th September: 10:30AM - 22:00 Tournament Group stages to final 16 + Casual zone

Sunday 11th September: 10:30AM - 22:00 Tournament Finals + Casual zone.


To buy tickets go to​.uk or alternatively call our box office line on 020 8807 6680 between 10AM - 6PM

Apparently it will be the same version of the game that was at Super Versus Battle, no idea what time the tournament will start yet but check out the thread on Neoempire for more details.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The ON Show 16 - KOFXIII @SVB20XI / Gunsmith's SVB Writeup

If you missed the show by Gunsmith on eLive last night you can still check out the recording here. (For some reason it doesn't work for me in Firefox so try Google Chrome if the page doesn't load.)

You can see half of my losing match in the top 8 during the show, the other half you can see here.

Also check out Gunsmiths write up from the event here.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Super Versus Battle 20XI - Top 4 Matches

NeoEmpire has uploaded the matches from the top 4 matches, which were held yesterday at Super Versus Battle, to their Youtube channel today.

Check out the videos below

CCL VS Bubblan

2Pac VS Cristina


Bit dissapointed that Cristina didn't go on to win, particularly since she knocked me out during the top 8, also since she was the only UK player left in the top 4.

But CCL and 2Pac are both good players and were amongst the players who i thought would have ended up winning anyway.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Super Versus Battle 20XI / KOFXIII Console Version - A Quick Look

Just woke up from a long sleep after a tiring day yesterday at Super Versus Battle playing the KOFXIII console version all day in casuals and the side tournament so just thought i'd do a little write up of my thoughts of the event.

Super Versus Battle:

The event actually seemed smaller than last year for some reason, the hall used was the same one from 2 years ago, and was only one hall as opposed to two that we had last year.

Although for once we had 6 KOF set ups to play on, two big screens and four smaller ones so it was a good event for KOF overall.

KOFXIII Console Version:

As you may have read on DreamCancel's forums from people who had played the beta version from EVO this one also suffered from slowdown issues when two players activated HD mode at the same time, i also noticed a few slowdowns during combos.

I'm still not utterly convinced by the game, i think it's a good game and definitely fun but no where near as solid as 02UM, and don't think it will rank up there as my favourite KOF quite yet.

I still found points where it looked like my character was getting crossed up, but actually wasn't, and made me guess against myself at times.

Loading times were a bit long but i'm told this is because the game is not installed, and not possible to do so on this version as it's running on a debug machine.

I really liked the new stages, in particular the alleyway stage. I didn't spot the 95 factory stage but that might be just because i didn't see it. 

Both Saiki and Billy were available to use.

Billy Kane:

From what i played i don't think he is as good as he is on the iPhone version, though it may be just because i'm not hitting all his combos properly yet. The opponent drops a bit lower than they do on the iPhone version during combos though from what i did try the combos still worked.

I tried to use him throughout the day but was told by my friend i probably shouldn't use him until i got a bit better as he was the weakest part of my team xD


Definitely one of the characters i'm going to pick up in this game.

We weren't allowed to use him in the tournament, which was a shame considering i spent most of the time in casuals trying to learn him, as it was thought he was a boss...Which i don't think is true. In my opinion he is the equivalent of the playable Rugal in 98.

His A version projectile is probably the best projectile in the game (from what i tried), it's fairly high so it's good for catching jump happy players and comes out relatively fast.

His teleport i found kind of useless, there may be a use for it but i didn't discover it, there is a ton of recovery after it though he can attack out of his D version. I also couldn't quite figure out which part of the screen his D version was supposed to teleport to, i thought it was supposed to go to exactly above the opponent but i think it goes to the middle of the screen in the air.

The DM fireball i loved, it's kind of like Ash's version but comes out a little faster and travels for maybe half a screen to a screen length. Does loads of hits and you can still shoot fireballs while it is out.
I'd imagine there must be something clever you can do with this plus the teleport.

His flash kick (dp+K) i kept forgetting to use the B version seemed similar to Ash's one and the D version he does the flash kick then teleports and kicks the opponent down.

I could barely hear it but his voice actor sounded pretty cool, and you can pick a colour scheme which matches his boss version as well as you can pick a version which makes him look like Ash.


As i mentioned we weren't allowed to use Saiki, but Billy Kane was ok.

Overall the level wasn't very high at all, in my opinion there were maybe 6 good players overall out of about 80+ entries. Still i don't think it was bad because it means most of these guys were new to the game and potentially would be interested to play the game in the future.

I came in top 8, which i was quite happy about considering i've played the game the least compared to the players who were better than me. I was expecting to get knocked out of top 8 quite badly but did quite well in my losing match.

I struggled through most of the group stage games, even though the players were not that good, as i found it difficult to adapt to the game coming from playing 02UM.

The top 4 will be played today though i won't be going as i have other plans today, the top 4 players are Cristina, Boblan, 2Pac and CCL.

I filmed some of the matches from the top16 and one match from the top 8, Gunsmith filmed the rest of them so he will upload them onto Orochinagi when he has the chance.

Cristina VS Robocop2

Gunsmith VS CCL

KusoGaki VS ShinDragon

Boblan VS Max300

Overall it was a good event and definitely thanks to Gunsmith (Orochinagi), Rising Star Games, and NeoEmpire for running the event.

If my visa plans work out to go to Japan in a few months time this will probably be one of the last KOF events i go to in the UK for at least one year, so it was a great 'last' event for me.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Gunsmith's Twitter Updates from Super Versus Battle

Check out Gunsmith's Twitter account to keep up to date with news from Super Versus Battle, unfortunately i'm stuck at work until late so won't make it down there today but will be there tomorrow for the KOFXIII tournament.

Until then i'm mashing 'buttons' on the iPhone/iPod version trying to practice lol.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

KOFXIII - Saiki Videos

 SNKPlaymore has just updated their blog for KOFXIII and Youtube channel with some new details and combos for Saiki.

Judging from a (not so good) translation using Google Translate the blog entry mainly seems to be a brief introduction to the character.

I'm quite interested in using this character, and hopefully will get to test him out a bit this weekend at Super Versus Battle.

Check out the videos uploaded by SNKP below:

Old SNK Goods From Japan S.2 - Rubber Samurai Shodown Figures

It's been a while since i've done one of these write ups so thought i'd better get on with it, the next part of the Old SNK Goods from Japan this time is about these rubber SamSho figures that my friend got for me.

Like some of the other things he brought back for me this time i thought these were quite odd pieces of merchandise though i was quite happy to receive them nonetheless.

They remind me a bit of the M.U.S.C.L.E figures that were released in the 80/90s.

Suprisingly although they are only one colour they are actually pretty detailed for such small figures, if you scroll down a bit you can see a close up of Nakoruru, which is always nice.

The set of 16 figures in total cost Y1050 (about £8.50) and was bought from Mandarake.

There are actually more of these figures released by SNK, i'm not too sure how many different series there are but i know that these is definitely Fatal Fury as well.

Hopefully when i head over there later in the year i can pick up a few more, anyway enjoy the photos!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

KOF-i Summer Campaign Price Reduction

As part of a Summer Campaign the price has been reduced for KOF-i to £2.99 (or $4.99 for the US) on the App Store between the 10th and 17th of August.

It's well worth getting for that price if you already haven't got it.

Check it out on the UK App Store here (or US App Store), and if you haven't read it already you can check out my write up about it here.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

KOF-i - Mai Shiranui Dialogue VS Fatal Fury Team

I haven't had much free time lately so updates have been a bit slower than usual but anyway here is the next part of the dialogues from KOF-i, with Mai versus the Fatal Fury Team and she finally tracks down Andy. xD

Mai Versus Terry:

Mai Versus Joe:

Mai Versus Andy:

Friday, 5 August 2011

Neo Geo Station [Japan] - World Heroes / Shock Troopers

World Heroes and Shock Troopers have been announced for release on the 25th August for the Japanese PSN.

Whilst the first World Heroes game isn't the greatest fighting game, it does however pave the way for an eventual release for the second game. (Which is one of my favourite Neo Geo games!)

Check out the trailers below and the main Neo Geo Station website for more details (in Japanese).

Thursday, 4 August 2011

KOFXIII Billy Kane Combos

SNKPlaymore has uploaded a few new KOFXIII videos to their Youtube channel today featuring Billy Kane, showing two combos and his NeoMax.

Check them out below.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Two more DLC Characters For KOFXIII To Be Announced?

Saw this on DreamCancel's forums but it originated from MMCafe, a photo from the new issue of Arcadia gives a teaser for two more characters to be announced as DLC.

Note quite sure why blogspot has decided to upload the image sideways but when the right way up you can see two green silhouettes to the right of the image. 

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Usagi - New Angel Cosplay Photo

A new Angel cosplay photo was uploaded today by Usagi to her Cure page.

Delicious. ^^

KOF-i - Mai Shiranui Dialogue VS Team Japan

Another set of dialogues from KOF-i between Mai and Team Japan.

I've omitted Kyo as i previously posted the dialogues with him and Mai here.

Mai Shiranui Versus Daimon: 

Mai Shiranui Versus Benimaru: