Thursday, 25 August 2011

Garou: Mark Of The Wolves Cups

This past week i was watching an auction for a Garou: MOTW cup, though i didn't bit on it though as it ended at £31...Which is a bit too crazy a price for a cup even though it is a kind of collectable.

The seller noted that it was originally an Arcade Prize, which i assume probably means it came from a UFO catcher or something similar, so was possibly quite a rare item to pop up on eBay.

The one up for auction on eBay was the B.Jenet cup. 

Personally even though it might be a rare item (at least on eBay), these kind of collectables i think are normally cheaper in Japan so in the end i didn't bid on it. As hopefully somewhere down the line i'd like to think i could find it for a lot cheaper.

But anyway the seller also included an image in the auction for what i think is the full set of cups from this series, personally i quite like the ones for Jenet (who i used when i used to play MOTW anyway) and Butt.

And last thing i found on Google Images whilst trying to find more information about these cups, not sure if this was actually in the game (not too familiar with MOTW) but found the racial stereotype kinda amusing. Not too sure what they were thinking when they decided to make him say that... xD

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