Tuesday, 2 August 2011

KOF-i - Mai Shiranui Dialogue VS Team Japan

Another set of dialogues from KOF-i between Mai and Team Japan.

I've omitted Kyo as i previously posted the dialogues with him and Mai here.

Mai Shiranui Versus Daimon: 

Mai Shiranui Versus Benimaru:


  1. Mai is quite quick witted with the silly remarks, no wonder she has a bad time with Andy, har har.

    These dialogs make me wish that Eiji was in the game somehow, he is so cheezy and silly that everything he says sounds incredibly weird, specially if you read his original lines (which 90% of the time don't really translate correctly).

    Anyway, these are quite good. BTW there is a site that has many of these (not all though), it's

    Mudman's cafe, ha?

  2. haha yeah she definitely has some of the most interesting dialogue in the game.

    It would be nice if Eiji made it into the game, if only to complete the 95 team.

    Thanks for the link i'll check it out.