Thursday, 11 August 2011

KOFXIII - Saiki Videos

 SNKPlaymore has just updated their blog for KOFXIII and Youtube channel with some new details and combos for Saiki.

Judging from a (not so good) translation using Google Translate the blog entry mainly seems to be a brief introduction to the character.

I'm quite interested in using this character, and hopefully will get to test him out a bit this weekend at Super Versus Battle.

Check out the videos uploaded by SNKP below:


  1. To me Saiki sounds really cool; he has a teleport which functions just like Chonshu's or Mizuki's teleport..... And I played both Chonshu and Mizuki with a strategies based mainly on their teleports.

    I use Ash a lot, so that doesn't hurt either.... Actually it kinda does, since I feel that is visually unappealing just using them at the same time; perhaps I'll overlap them from time to time? (and state that it's not gay incest, but masturbation(!!)).

    Oh, and the blog entry is in the MMcafe already ( here I think ). Thanks to my new found unemployment (actually not new, but whatever) I'll probably do them as they come unless they are a excruciatingly pain hard to read.

  2. Thanks for the translation!

    Do you know how his projectiles work ? I think i read on ON that his A and C versions of the fireball are short range, but i've seen a long range one too.

  3. Supposedly it was.
    A -> Long range, frontal range.
    C -> Short range, diagonal upward angle.
    EX -> Frontal short range.

    I haven't seen the EX one myself. the DM fireball also I haven't seen them, supposedly the regular one is long ranged; but the interesting part is that, besides that one of the CPU boss fight's has a DM fireball that is short ranged (it stays in the screen, like the Geene (Ash kiss)). It would be interesting if they added something like that to vanilla Saiki as an DM EX move.

  4. Cheers for that.

    The EX one is in the second video though?

    I can't find where i saw the video of his DM again (doesn't help the internet is running slow at work today either!) but i remember it looks like Ash's green ball but black.

  5. Yeah, it was from one of the hacks videos on youtube, the projectile dm had a short range, but it stayed in place for a second or so and explodes, maybe thats what you saw.