Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Neo Geo - Karnaval Tamani Al Awal [CD]

This was something that i bought a while back from eBay in a 99p auction, but forgot to do a little write up about, as it is a bit of a curiousity.

The item itself is a music CD, but funnily enough despite the Neo Geo logo on the front actually has nothing to do with SNK or the Neo Geo.

From what i found out via NeoGeoForLife the CD features different Arabic singers singing songs by a composer called Tamani, so other than the logo (which is probably used without permission) it is actually nothing to do with Neo Geo.

Check out the thread there for more details.

My copy of the CD is still actually sealed, as i don't see much point in opening it, maybe at some point when i'm bored on eBay i'll buy another one to open up to have a listen to the mystery music.

Apologies for the sideways images, always annoying when blogspot decides to do that.

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  1. Hello there, how are you? Sir, is there any chance you might be willing to sell that CD?