Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Samurai Spirits Oni Pachislot

SNKPlaymore have announced a new set of pachislot machines based around Samurai Shodown called Samurai Spirits Oni.

What i found kind of interesting is this newer (more mature?) design Nakoruru is the same one featured in the tutorial mode of KOF-i.

You can check out more images on the official website here

Also something i spotted on Youtube earlier today is that SNKP HK has uploaded a new video to their Youtube channel regarding a new(?) mobile phone version of Metal Slug which features Leona as a playable character. (As well as what looks like another new character)

Strangely the game also features a Sega logo but i can't quite figure out what is the involvment between SNKP and Sega for this game. (Whether it was co-developed or licensed out to Sega)

Either way i hope they start porting these games to the iPhone or at least some sort of device we can use in the West, i still want to play the Athena mobile phone game. =_=


  1. About the copyright; Who knows? maybe that red haired guy is from a megadrive game or something? I'm not really big with Sega knowledge, and it doesn't help that Chinese is mean and cruel to me.

  2. I was wondering whether he was a Sega character as well, always have been more of a Nintendo person though xD

  3. Since Sega went third party, who knows? Check the credits for Ninja Gaiden 2 and you'll see Sega there, too, credited for the Magical V Engine, whatever that is.

    Guess they do a lot of behind the scenes stuff.

  4. It's just a bit of a curiosity as to what they did, though i guess with the amount of cross over titles (queen's blade, etc) we may expect to see SNKP collaborate with more companies in the future.

  5. Looking at KOF-i, Nakoruru doesn't look particulary more mature, i think it's just the angle she's drawn in here coupled with the eyes being drawn smaller compared to other artists.

  6. You think so ? I thought she looked like she has been redesigned to look a bit older.

    I quite like the new design, hopefully they'll make a new 2D SamSho game at some point.

    I've always wanted to get into it but could never understand how to play it properly.