Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Two more DLC Characters For KOFXIII To Be Announced?

Saw this on DreamCancel's forums but it originated from MMCafe, a photo from the new issue of Arcadia gives a teaser for two more characters to be announced as DLC.

Note quite sure why blogspot has decided to upload the image sideways but when the right way up you can see two green silhouettes to the right of the image. 


  1. BTW, people are really trying to match up those green slimes to character shadows, but I really doubt that they are meant to mean anything (for example, it would be easy to think the opposite if one of the shadows resembled Iori.

    Speaking of-- you know, I think that the fact that SNK is making "ties" between 95' Iori's clothes and his 95' stage and his 95' movelist makes it so than having the 96' Esaka stage (on Iphone) and 96' palette for Kyo (on console) are very suspicious facts here.

    Thinking about it, I can see "old" Kyo and "old" Iori as pretty much the only popular enough characters to be a "Oh my, must buy" for the game. For example if they plastered Billy or Saiki as DLC they might not end up being that successful, Billy being his old school incarnation and Saiki being a sprite edit. You could argue that there are other popular pics since people are fan wishing over forums or something; but the truth is that a lot of the believed "popular" characters are just niche (Gato, Yamazaki, Oswald, Vanessa, etc; they are only really liked by certain groups of people).

    Probably the only "truly hugely popular" "world wide level of must buy" characters that are out of the game right now are the New Faces team; they easily out~popularize the guys from Garou and many other originals from KoF; but it's doubtful that they'll show up here for many reasons.... In any event, probably the only option we have right now is to cringe in pain until the release date as SNK gives monthly updates that hint on who would be in the final cut; if anything SNK is really good at building hype through their websites.

  2. They haven't shown Esaka 96 on the console version yet have they? I was starting to wonder whether that was a iPhone exclusive stage.

    Not too sure if i'd be too thrilled to see 96 Kyo, he might be good but personally i'd like to see more returning characters.

    Though having said that the fact that their is Micky's stage in the game could mean he could be a console character too.

    If they brought back a team for the 'rebirth' of KOF, i would have loved to see the USA team again. xD

  3. Esaka and the Factory stage were missing, at least they had a bunch of new stages not present in the Iphone version.

    And I totally agree about the USA sports teams, they are the first guys that come into mind when I think "who do I want to see in the new graphic style", the second place would go to the 2k2 agent team. To me those team designs are very emblematic; the USA really represent the "classic style designs" which 94' focused on and the agents totally go for this "techno feeling" that NESTS era was plagued in.

    I always thought that it was funny how the 94' USA team was hated in the US; down here everyone thought that they totally rocked, and as far as I can tell they were also pretty popular in Japan (and maybe in Europe?).

  4. They show the factory stage in the promotional trailer, it comes up when the stages flash around 18secs into the promotional movie.

    I think the USA team is long overdue for a return, i'm not sure why they've not been brought back. (Other than the running gag about their invitations being stolen xD)

    I'm not sure about how popular they were in the whole of Europe, but i remember people used to at least use them in 98.

  5. USA sport team will probably be the biggest unexpected thing snkp could do to hype this up. With redesign it would be fantastic to see these guy back, especially when kof 13 have at most 10 shotos, greatly needed diversity in term of gameplay. That could be said with most characters snkp has in its library. I really hope snkp surprise us with unexpected choices, some characters I've seen enough of. I'm liking the DLC option as set up, considering that I've never bought a single dlc in my life, releay cant wait, hope some of the things they are holding is big.

  6. Definitely, it would be great just to see them back, though somehow i think they might not be back for this game at least :(

    They would definitely make the game more diverse