Friday, 30 September 2011

Neo Empire & Nth Gen Interactive Presents: Revolution 3rd & 4th December

Saw this posted up on NeoEmpire's forums a couple of days ago but didn't have the time to post up here about it. Yet another KOFXIII tournament has been announced, which will be held over the weekend of the 3rd/4th Dec, at the London Gaming Con.

Check out the thread on NeoEmpire's forums for more details.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Trouble Witches NEO! - XBox Live - Deal Of The Week

Saw this over on DigitalSpy.

Trouble Witches NEO! is currently on sale at 400MS (normal price 800MS), which is incredibly good value, as part of Xbox Live's Deal of the Week.

I'm not sure exactly when the deal runs out but for that price i'd recommend picking it up, i've done a short write up about it in the past and just to note the game has actually had some good reviews in magazines and on other websites.

Check it out on

Real Bout 2 - TRF 5v5 Tournament / KOF02UM - VERSUS

Youtube user linnesaka has uploaded a set of videos from a 5 on 5 tournament held at TRF earlier this month.

Because he normally disables embedding videos i've just included the links to the three videos instead.

Part 1.

Part 2.

Part 3.

Also uploaded a couple of days ago by SMOAI2010 are the latest set of videos from VERSUS featuring 02UM as usual.



KOFXIII - Worldwide Release Dates Pushed Back

As i mentioned a couple of posts ago the release date for the PAL version of KOFXIII had been confirmed as being at some time in November by Rising Star Games instead of the originally speculated date of the end of October (as shown on Amazon, etc).

Last night i received an e-mail from Atlus (with the below video) which also confirmed a delay in the US version of the game, pushed back to November 22nd.

Furthermore the Japanese release date for October has now also been delayed according to the Official KOFXIII blog.

A quick Google translate comes up with this:

Hello everybody!
Before tomorrow's scheduled updates to our fans who are looking forward now unfortunately have to tell the news.
Customers to deliver better quality, "THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIII" We decided to postpone the October 27 release of 2011.
To provide our guests with quality game play is to convince everyone, because 頑張Rimasu continued support would be appreciated in the future.
Want to go out and continue to release information in this blog.
Release date confirmed, etc., I would like to convey new information that occurs early in the future.

I guess if there was some issues with the game present that they needed to fix before release that this is a good thing, still it is a little disappointing to have to wait another month.

On a side note i found it hilarious that Google Translate had translated the posters name (pani-ru) as Indian Homemade Cream Cheese. xD

Also before i finish up this post, DontDropThatCombo has released the next part of his combo videos featuring Kula. So at least in the mean time you can study some more combos before the game is released.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Korea Combo Alliance - Various Combo Videos

I came across this Youtube channel; teamkca today via NeoEmpire's forums and have been working my way through watching some of the videos this afternoon.

Mainly this group covers SNK games but there are a few other combo videos featuring games like Daraku Tenshi.

I've embedded a few of the ones i've watched so far, but make sure to check out teamkca's Youtube channel for more!

Monday, 26 September 2011

Top 10 Best Characters - KOF97

Just started watching this set of videos on Youtube, uploaded by user SlashColumbiaRevenge, which features what is apparently considered as the top 10 ranking of characters for KOF97 in China.

Not having played KOF97 properly for a long time now i'm not really in a position to comment on the rankings, but you can see some really nice set ups, combos and tactics in these videos. (All taken from real matches.)

10. Kyo
9. Terry
8. Benimaru

7. Goro Daimon
6. Blue Mary
5. Choi

4. Yamazaki
3. Chang

2. Chizuru
1. Iori

DontDropThatCombo - K' Combo Tutorial

It's a been a while since i've seen one of these come up on my subscription list on Youtube, but DontDropThatCombo is back and with a new video featuring K'. 

Friday, 23 September 2011


Gunsmith has just posted up details over on Orochinagi regarding the Rising Star Games booth at MCM Expo at the end of October.

As well as a tournament, there will be a cosplay competition, and the winner will have to play Giga D to a first to ten.

Check out Orochinagi for more details.

Also i didn't notice until someone else mentioned it but the date for KOFXIII in the UK seems to have been pushed back to some time in November instead of what was originally thought to be the 28th October.

I asked on RSG's facebook page and was told it was confirmed for November now. (And also got told by a random guy that i was moaning for asking, lmfao.)

Still waiting to see if there will be any delays in the US/JP versions, if those come out in October then i will likely import it instead.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

KOFXIII - PAL Pre-Order Bonuses

Just saw on Twitter that Rising Star Games tweeted this link to Electronic Theatre regarding the pre-order bonuses that will be included in the PAL version of KOFXIII.

They have listed that we will be getting a 4CD soundtrack (i assume this would be the same one as the US preorder bonus).

Additionally the normal contents of the game include a reversible game cover, and a double sided A3 poster.

As of yet i can't find any details of this on any retailer websites (i've checked Game and Amazon).

Check out Electronic Theatre and Rising Star Games Twitter feed for more details.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Upcoming UK KOFXIII Events

I've read on various forums today about upcoming events featuring KOFXIII which are to be held in the UK.

The first is part of the EX Dragon Project, Wednesday Brawl, which will be held every second Wednesday of the month starting from October 12th.

There's not much other details aside from the date at the moment, but stay tuned to the thread on NeoEmpire or to the EX Dragon Project Facebook page for more updates. 

The second event will be held in Scotland, as seen on Orochinagi's forums, and is still quite a way off being held in March 2012. This will be the HypeSpotting event, hosted by Versus Scotland.

More details can be found on Orochinagi's forums, the Versus Scotland blog, or the HypeSpotting website.

Monday, 19 September 2011

KOF-i - K' Dialogue VS Women Fighters Team

A bit later than i planned but better late than never, the first set of dialogues for K'.

This first set with him against the Women Fighters Team, minus Mai who i've already done.

A bit strange to think of K' as a teenager (or underage according to King), particularly since he doesn't look like one. Though i guess pretty much most of the characters have strange ages.

K' Versus King:

K' Versus Yuri:

Sunday, 18 September 2011

mmmonkey's CMVS [eBay Auction]

mmmonkey from NTSC-UK's forums has recently put up a CMVS on to eBay at a 99p start auction, with it due to end tomorrow (in approximately 16 hours from time of writing this).

The current bid is £48.87, though i'd imagine this will go up during the final moments of the auction, but i'd thought i would post this up here in case anyone in the UK who is reading this was interested in a CMVS unit.

(Unfortunately it seems like this is a UK shipping only auction, for those reading from abroad.)

Either way you can check out more details in the description of the auction, may even be worth reading for people who are potentially interested in getting a CMVS in the future.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Mai Shiranui Cosplay - Extreme Close Up

Saw this over on Kotaku and thought it was pretty funny, i've read about cosplay fans (or Otaku) going to extreme lengths to get the best possible photos of cosplayers but never seen much images of the actual photographer.

Check out these ones below of this guy trying to get some good shots.

Check out the original post on Kotaku for more images.

Also seen on the same page from the comments is this video from the Queen's Gate Spiral Chaos game on the PSP featuring Mai.

There's more video clips from the game on Mauxez's Youtube Channel.

KOFXIII - Console Version - Game Informer Video

Just saw this over on DreamCancel's forums, gaming website Game Informer has posted up a video about the console version of KOFXIII.

Within this video you can see quite a bit of the Story Mode section of the game, a short demonstration of Colour Edit, as well as Gallery and Tutorial.

Well worth a watch just to catch a sneak peek of Story Mode, which looks pretty awesome.

Check out the video here, it's about 22minutes in length.

KOFXIII Japanese Console Version - Phone Card Retailer Bonus

Just saw over on CyberFanatix's forums these images of some of the bonus phone cards that will come with the console version of KOFXIII, depending on which retailer you buy the game from or which version (PS3/360) you will get a different card.

I'd imagine though if you wanted them all at some point someone will probably be selling them on Yahoo Auctions Japan.

[Edit]: Forgot to post this image i took whilst playing KOF-i a little earlier today, never noticed before but the Agents team (Vanessa, Seth, Ramon) are sitting at a table in the corner of the France stage.

(Just above where Vice is crouching.)

Reduced Prices For Older Issues of Arcadia Magazine.

Playasia has reduced prices on some of the older issues of Arcadia again, now many issues from last year are down to 0.95P per issue. (Shipping is a little expensive though, when i checked how much it would cost to ship per issue i think it came up to about £6.)

Still it's not a bad price if there was something in one of the issues that you wanted to have a look at more clearly. If you wanted to check out some of the contents of these issues take a look at the Arcadia Magazine section.

Check out Playasia to see which issues are on sale.

Friday, 16 September 2011

KOFXIII Console Version Launch Tournament at Clash X Counter 3 [Northern Ireland]

Yreval over on Neo Empire's forums has posted up details for a launch tournament for KOFXIII in Northern Ireland, to be held on October 29th at the Clash X Counter 3 event.

Details are as follows:

Saturday October 29th

1:30pm (sign-ups and casuals begin at 1pm)

The Space, 1st floor, QUB Student's Union

Groups into double elimination bracket. All matches in the brackets will be decided by the best two out of three games. In the grand final, the player who came from the loser's bracket must win an extra set.

You can sign up for the tournament in the thread here, and he will also be taking sign ups on the day.

Personally i won't be able to make it there, as it falls on the same weekend as the MCM Expo (where RisingStar Games tend to have a booth), and i don't think i'd have the spare cash to fly around to Northern Ireland. But i wish them good luck, and hope it has a good turn out.

KOFXIII - Blog Update - Story Mode

The KOFXIII Official Blog has updated again with some information about the Story Mode section of the console version.

Professor over on MMCafe has also posted up an English translation of the blog (here).

Sounds (and looks) good so far, definitely looking forward to spending some time in this area of the console version.

Also if you haven't seen them already, Gunsmith has posted up more videos from the Take All Comers event.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

KOFXIII - Nude Raiden

Not too sure where this originated from or whether it was actually done in KOFXIII's colour edit mode (or if it is a photoshop), but found it pretty hilarious.

Regardless of his nerfed dropkick, if this is actually possible to do with the colour edit mode then i might have to play with Raiden in the console version. xD

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

King of Fighters XIII - Console Intro

Saw this post on DreamCancel's forums, posted by a11111357, with the video for the console intro for KOFXIII. Because it was on Tudou, and i have no idea how to embed using Tudou i decided to nab the video and upload it to Youtube. 

I'm not quite sure where the original source of the video is from though, you can hear someone speaking in the beginning of the video lol, but credits to the original uploaders.

Also check out the extended version of the intro, uploaded by Gunsmith.

[Edit]: Also seen on DreamCancel's forums, in Delta's signature.

Take All Comers - Videos

 Gunsmith has uploaded some videos from the Take All Comers event, that was held on the past weekend here in the UK, to his Youtube channel. They are from various points of the day, some are casuals and some are from group stages.

Subscribe to his channel, and stay tuned to Orochinagi for when he uploads more.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

KOF-i - Billy Kane Dialogue VS Team Elisabeth

Another set of the KOF-i dialogues, and today is the last of the Billy Kane ones with him facing off against Team Elisabeth. Hopefully i'll start the K' ones next as i was supposed to before the update came out.

One thing i have always found a bit strange is how loyal Billy is to Geese, see the dialogue between him and Duo Lon below, sometimes it kind of seems to me like he might be in love with Geese. xD

Billy Kane Versus Elisabeth:

Billy Kane Versus Duo Lon:

Billy Kane Versus Shen Woo:

NG:DEV Team - GunLord MVS - Pre-order

I just saw on NG:DEV Team's Facebook page that they will start to accept pre-orders for their latest title on the 17th September, 11:00am German time.

You can check out the pre-order page here for more details, until the 16th October the price will be reduced from 419 Euros to 399 Euros as a special pre-order price.

A bit expensive for me personally, especially since i'm used to paying a maximum of about £50 for most of my MVS cartridges, but i appreciate that this is an original game and likely to be made in small quantities.

Of course if money is no issue to you, then you may consider also picking up Last Hope Pink Bullets alongside it for a package price at 748 Euros.

Monday, 12 September 2011

KOF-i - Billy Kane Dialogue VS Team Yagami

Although i previously mentioned i would be doing K''s dialogue next, since the new update added two more teams i thought i'd go back to finish off doing Billy Kane's dialogue before starting a new set.

So for this post i've compiled the images of his dialogues versus Team Yagami, where he is pretty much subjected to pure abuse. xD

Billy Kane Versus Iori:

Billy Kane Versus Mature:

Billy Kane Versus Vice: