Friday, 2 September 2011

Breakers Revenge Combo Videos

I have a bit of a love hate relationship with the Breakers series of games, on the one hand it's quite a fun game with some crazy combos and on the other it replaced the game (Rage of The Dragons) that i was playing in the arcade at the time so i've always felt a bit resentful towards it.

Lately i've been playing alot of the first Breakers game on my PSP (via emulation) on the journey to and from work, i choose to play the first one over Revenge as i don't own the MVS cart for Revenge.

I went off to Youtube to search for some combo videos but it seems Revenge is the more popular of the two games.

Also if you wanted to check out match videos there are loads in the playlist on Soh85's Youtube channel.


  1. The thing with Breakers is that everyone pretty much just know the game through "that same old means", and since in that way both games are available at the same time it ends ups that "newer is better" even if they don't check that fact to be true or not. It's kinda like World Heroes, where everyone just play Perfect for the Lulz when 2 and 2Jet are infinitely superior (☞゚∀゚)☞

    I have to say that I only have "large experience" with the first one through a bottleg machine that I touched now and then, so I don't really have that much of a clue on what are the differences between the game, I remember that both games had the same Combo / Chain system and the second one has an extra character and could even be cleared similarly..... I can't even remember if the second one has more moves, we used to just dot the game as "the same thing".

  2. heh i'd imagine so, it's strange they didn't port it to more consoles. I think the only console port is the first game on the Neo Geo CD :-/

    Strangely though quite a few people like it in the UK, i'm not quite sure why.

    I think WH2 is the best one, i never liked that they removed death match mode in the later games D:

    Perfect i could never get along with, i think it has too many buttons =_=

    Breakers Revenge is a strange one, from what i've tried of it in the past it doesn't seem like there is very much different.

    Also i remember hearing Saizo was pretty broken, and i have no interest in using him so i never bothered buying it on MVS.