Friday, 9 September 2011

EX Kyo and Mr.Karate Leaked As The DLC Characters

Saw this on Orochinagi's forums though i believe it originated from NeoArcadia, the last two DLC characters have been leaked and will be EX Kyo (Multi-Punch Version apparently) and Mr.Karate.

Although EX Kyo (in my opinion) is a nice addition to the cast, i'm wondering why they included Mr.Karate (other than the obvious reasons of easily recycled sprites) and whether he would be his SvC:Chaos version (with dragon punch).

And most importantly if they included Mr.Karate, why didn't they include a new version of Big Bear with four dropkicks!! =_=

On a semi-related note, KOF-i was updated today with the Yagami and Elisabeth Teams as well as a few new stages from the console version (and Mr. Karate's stage), updates to the gallery, and updates to the novel/story section.

I haven't had much of a chance to check everything out yet, as it took me ages to clear out space on my iPod just to get the bloody thing to update and install, but i'll try to do a small write up about it later today.

[Edit]: SpekSNK is reporting that there will be one further addition to the cast and will be available on disc, check it out via Google Translation here. I'm guessing maybe just Naked Saiki or Dark Ash maybe.

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