Tuesday, 6 September 2011

THE KING OF FIGHTERS '94 - Gamest Mook Vol.2

Fiol has posted up some images from The King of Fighters '94 Gamest Mook Vol.2 and provided a short write up on DreamCancel's forums a few days ago.

Although some of these images appear in other mooks, there are quite a few interesting ones i haven't seen before.

Particularly i found the idea of a 'Circus Team' or 'Beast(?) Team' kind of interesting, though i'm not sure if they would have really fit in to the KOF universe very well.

There's also some images of early designs of Ralf & Clark, as well as what looks like a 'Criminal's Team' lead by Chang??

Check out the thread over on DreamCancel for more images and the write up.

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