Saturday, 10 September 2011

King of Fighters-i - v1.01 - A Quick Look

As i mentioned earlier today the update for KOF-i was released and along with the main updates of the characters (Yagami and Elisabeth Teams), and new stages there were also a few other things added to the update.

Firstly as you can see from the opening image the title screen was updated with an image of a few of the characters that appear in the game.

Sound test was also added to this update, within this you can listen to all the music tracks from KOFXIII (including teams who are not in KOF-i), as well as the 'old' themes (mainly KOFXI themes) which i think were selectable in the arcade version of XIII by holding a combination of buttons.

A new challenge mode is available, which if you have played past KOF console versions you may be familiar with. Many of the challenges consist of either performing a combo with a certain number of hits or performing a combo higher than a set criteria.

Within these challenges you are set within restrictions, whereby some of them you may not have access to certain characters, have a set amount of drive bars or super bars.

The new stages that appear on the console version have also been included in this update, as well as the stages that were originally in the first version of KOF-i have been updated to include background cameos.

(For example Iori's Factory stage now has the USA Sports team in the background.)

A new video is also available to view, this was the promotional video that was released a little while ago which also gave the first glimpse of Flame Iori.

The Novel section has been updated to include Elisabeth and Yagami Team background stories.

The Gallery and Trading Cards section have also had more images added, at some point when i unlock all of them i will upload the images unless someone else does it first.

Ash Crimson's float glitch also appears to have been removed. 

I think that's pretty much all i have discovered so far, i'll be continuing the dialogues to include the new characters and will try to get as many of those completed before the console release. (At which point i will most likely stop doing them.)

One last thing before i finish, i'm not quite sure but i think on this below screenshot that a broken Candy Diamond is laying on the scrap heap. (Around the mid point between Liz and Iori.)


  1. That definitely looks like Candy. All in all this update seems pretty sweet and has a lot of misc things that fans can appreciate, it's a very nice bonus for that came for free.

    I'm soooo happy that the sound test includes a "voice" option. The only regular game that had something like that was psx 99' and it wasn't even complete.... that's a silly little bonus feature that the MI games actually got quite right but never translated it to the main games.

    ..... Now I won't have to do a DM for about 3000 times in a row because the explosions and sound effects affect my hearing capabilities.

  2. Ahh i thought so, was playing and thinking what's that blue blob in the background lmfao.

    It's kind of amazing the amount of content they have put into this version, especially for an iPhone game.

    Normally i tend to ignore things like challenge mode but it's been quite fun trying to work out the challenges, great for those tube journeys.

    Really looking forward to seeing the content on the console version properly.