Tuesday, 6 September 2011

KOF-i - Ash Crimson Dialogue VS Team K'

The next part of the KOF-i dialogues featuring Team K' this time, though K' doesn't seem to say very much.

On the topic of K' i decided to collect his screenshots last night, so after i finish off this set for Ash Crimson i'll begin uploading the K' set.

Ash Crimson Versus K':

Ash Crimson Versus Maxima:

Ash Crimson Versus Kula:


  1. "Your ice with my flames, that it", huh? I'm pretty sure that's not the only misspelling that has snuck in there; though it's kinda sad that they are not as funny as victoly.

  2. Haha it wouldn't be SNK without a bit of Engrish xD