Thursday, 1 September 2011

KOFXIII Official Blog Update - Colour Customisation

The official KOFXIII blog has updated twice this week, the first regarding another one of the location tests held in Japan and the second is regarding custom colours in the console version of KOFXIII.

Looks like you'll be able to make some interesting colour edits judging by the ones shown on the blog.


  1. Actually, this week have been 3 updates, 2 "on August" (30 & 31) and the color one on September 1st.

    The ones about the play locations were on Osaka and Nagoya, and if we believe the words of the blog they were quite nicely welcomed and successful (then again, they didn't told us "the ugly part" from the one in Tokyo, they only told us that they had trouble setting it up and that the amount of people surpassed whatever expectations they had).

  2. Ahh you're right, i just sorta scrolled down the screen and thought that was the location test posts were just one post xD