Wednesday, 28 September 2011

KOFXIII - Worldwide Release Dates Pushed Back

As i mentioned a couple of posts ago the release date for the PAL version of KOFXIII had been confirmed as being at some time in November by Rising Star Games instead of the originally speculated date of the end of October (as shown on Amazon, etc).

Last night i received an e-mail from Atlus (with the below video) which also confirmed a delay in the US version of the game, pushed back to November 22nd.

Furthermore the Japanese release date for October has now also been delayed according to the Official KOFXIII blog.

A quick Google translate comes up with this:

Hello everybody!
Before tomorrow's scheduled updates to our fans who are looking forward now unfortunately have to tell the news.
Customers to deliver better quality, "THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIII" We decided to postpone the October 27 release of 2011.
To provide our guests with quality game play is to convince everyone, because 頑張Rimasu continued support would be appreciated in the future.
Want to go out and continue to release information in this blog.
Release date confirmed, etc., I would like to convey new information that occurs early in the future.

I guess if there was some issues with the game present that they needed to fix before release that this is a good thing, still it is a little disappointing to have to wait another month.

On a side note i found it hilarious that Google Translate had translated the posters name (pani-ru) as Indian Homemade Cream Cheese. xD

Also before i finish up this post, DontDropThatCombo has released the next part of his combo videos featuring Kula. So at least in the mean time you can study some more combos before the game is released.


  1. People are gonna over-react again...I know there's a delay and it's unwanted, but the way most people react to this will have you thinking that SNK ravished their loved ones and dishonored their clan and they were forced to exact vengeance. Overreacting!

  2. Well it's not really a bad thing that people are dissapointed in the delay, it shows that people actually care.

    But if anything it's good to know that SNKP are trying to iron out any issues with the game before it hits the shelves.

    The slowdown issues in the versions i played in SVB and TAC were pretty bad, i remember even doing Raiden's dropkick managed to slow the game down.