Friday, 23 September 2011


Gunsmith has just posted up details over on Orochinagi regarding the Rising Star Games booth at MCM Expo at the end of October.

As well as a tournament, there will be a cosplay competition, and the winner will have to play Giga D to a first to ten.

Check out Orochinagi for more details.

Also i didn't notice until someone else mentioned it but the date for KOFXIII in the UK seems to have been pushed back to some time in November instead of what was originally thought to be the 28th October.

I asked on RSG's facebook page and was told it was confirmed for November now. (And also got told by a random guy that i was moaning for asking, lmfao.)

Still waiting to see if there will be any delays in the US/JP versions, if those come out in October then i will likely import it instead.


  1. ya man i just checked with my local gamestop, here in the U.S it got pushed back here to november as well.

    if you ask me they are really stupid for doing this, if they are trying to garner up sales they are going about it the wrong way, they want to compete with UMVC3 ???

    in the words of the english, thats justr Bloody Stupid.

    they better not bitch later on if sales arnt up to par.

    cause they brought this upon themselves.

  2. Damn, i was hoping the US version wouldn't be pushed back as well...I'll have to see whether the Japanese version is pushed back now D:

    Yeah i think it's really bad that they pushed it back to the same week as UMVC3 as well, although the crowds who play the game might be a little different i think some of the casual sales are likely to be lost.