Monday, 5 September 2011

SouthTown Arcade - KOFXIII Ranking Battle / KOFXIII - Athena Combo Video

For those who like me missed out on the SouthTown Arcade KOFXIII Ranking Battle stream last night you can still watch the archived version via

Watch live video from IPLAYWINNER on

I've only embedded the first video (there's four in total) but you can check the rest out here.

Also i've been trying to study how to use Athena in XIII, for Take All Comers this coming weekend, as i think she's the only character i can use properly at this time and came across this combo video.

I doubt i'd be able to pull off most of this stuff at the moment though, particularly since i don't have anyway to practice any of the combos except trying to memorise them before the weekend... =_=

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