Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Take All Comers - Confirmed Players / Sign Ups

Agent Hoy, who will be hosting the Take All Comers event this weekend, has posted up a list of the players who are currently signed up to each of the tournaments.

Below is a list of the players currently signed up to the KOFXIII tournament, which at the moment has the second largest amout of sign ups, which is unusual (but great news) for the KOF scene in the UK.

KOF 13

01. Tko Supa

02. Sho Dragon
03. Shin Dragon
04. Rory
05. Cristina
06. Giga D
07. Atb_555
08. Robocop Two
09. Miles
10. Lord Spectre X
11. Mm Pharaon
12. Klj
13. Zeroniiro
14. Angeldarksong
15. Oly
16. Iori Yagami
17. The Blue Angel
18. Tenrai Messatsu
19. Retro
20. Ryo Yamazaki
21. KaroshiDrop
22. Mycom
23. SwitchPlaya
24. KusoGaki
25. Gunsmith
26. Dee Jay
27. Giga D
28. MichelS 

At the moment based off of the current sign ups i would say that MichelS would be my favourite to win, during the time we were running KOFXII here he was constantly striving to topple Tim119 off of the top spot and eventually started beating him.

Also given his training abroad in Hong Kong for a couple of months he has improved quite a lot since his days playing XII.

He also won the KOFXIII beginners tournament that was held at Ultimate Clash X. 

For those who are interested in the Take All Comers event remember to sign up at the official website, as registration will be closing soon.

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