Monday, 12 September 2011

Take All Comers - Videos / Short Write Up

Just doing a quick write up about the Take All Comers event that was held this weekend before i go off to sleep.

This event was held in the Millfield Arts Centre, in Silver Street, which was a pretty nice venue.

The KOFXIII tournament was run on what i was told was a newer build compared to the one that was at Super Versus Battle, the only downsides were that Billy and Saiki were not available to play. (Which was a little disappointing considering i was looking forward to testing out some things as well as using them for the tournament.)

From speaking to Gunsmith he says that Billy Kane had to be unlocked by fighting and beating him (in i guess arcade mode), but no idea at the time how Saiki was supposed to be unlocked.

For the duration of casuals and tournament i selected two random select boxes and Athena. Given that i was pretty weak in using most characters and only felt confident in Athena i didn't think it made much difference in who the other two characters were. Also it gave me more of a chance to experiment with more characters without sitting through the loading screen every time i wanted to change characters.

The loading times like at Super Versus Battle were still pretty horrendous (almost as bad as Neo Geo CD), as mentioned when i previously wrote about that event this version was again played on a debug unit so the game was not installed (or capable of doing so).

I found that the game had more cases of slowdown than the version at SVB, i heard different things about this ranging from possibly being a disc problem to being a problem with the debug units overheating.

Even Raidens dropkick somehow managed to cause some slowdown...

Since the game is still considered a beta version i wouldn't read too much into this right now.

One thing i found out from playing with K', i'm not sure if it's common knowledge, but his NeoMax actually does ZERO chip damage if the opponent blocks it...I'm not sure why but i personally thought it was pretty stupid.

I was also told about Clark's autoguard grab (hcf+B) is capable of absorbing a Haoh Sho Koh Ken with no damage.

I don't think there was much else that i managed to discover, if i do remember anything else i'll edit it in to the bottom of this post tomorrow.

For videos, if you missed the stream they auto archived to Twitch.TV, you can check those out below.

The first match in the first video is me vs Cristina, i think these were the only matches that were recorded of me playing.

Watch live video from EXDRAGON Project on

The second video starts from about 17:00 into it, and features the Top 4 matches.

Watch live video from EXDRAGON Project on

In the end i managed to get into Top 8, but didn't play my match within this bracket as these matches were held the day after group stages and i wasn't able to attend the second day.

I think Gunsmith has some more videos from the event, and i'm sure he will do a write up soon so make sure to check out within the next couple of days.

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