Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Upcoming UK KOFXIII Events

I've read on various forums today about upcoming events featuring KOFXIII which are to be held in the UK.

The first is part of the EX Dragon Project, Wednesday Brawl, which will be held every second Wednesday of the month starting from October 12th.

There's not much other details aside from the date at the moment, but stay tuned to the thread on NeoEmpire or to the EX Dragon Project Facebook page for more updates. 

The second event will be held in Scotland, as seen on Orochinagi's forums, and is still quite a way off being held in March 2012. This will be the HypeSpotting event, hosted by Versus Scotland.

More details can be found on Orochinagi's forums, the Versus Scotland blog, or the HypeSpotting website.

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