Monday, 10 October 2011

KOF-i - Iori Stage (Factory) - A Quick Look

This is just going to be a quick post before i go off to sleep (almost 4am here!).

When i read the notes from the translation of the recent KOFXIII blog entry about Iori over on Orochinagi's forums, i went off to Youtube to have a look at some high quality videos of the stage to see if i could spot any of these 'details' that were going to be in his stage.

A little while ago i got the idea to have a look at the original 95 stage and compare it to the KOF-i version just to see if there were any differences or how close it was to the original.

So i've taken a few screenshots and stuck them together using Photoshop.

As i mentioned i had previously looked up the stage on Youtube to see if i could spot anything and although at the time i wasn't too sure i just managed to confirm by looking at one of my screenshots more clearly that Rocky from Robo Army is also on the scrap heap near Candy Diamond.

As for the stages themselves, at first glance they seem pretty similar. After studying them a bit more i've started to notice the subtle changes like the buildings off in the distance have changed, and various parts of the factory are different.

I'm not sure if i remember correctly but i vaguely remember there being stages in the Gallery section for KOFXII, hopefully you can view the stages in the console version of XIII so i can take a better look without life bars and characters blocking the view.

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