Monday, 28 November 2011

Fio - Metal Slug - 1/8 Scale Figure [Embrace Japan]

Saw this over on TinyCartridge just now.

A figure of Fio from Metal Slug, as well as a mini Metal Slug tank and mini prisoner, made by Embrace Japan.

From the information I can find via Google it should be about 20cm tall, and according to the listing on Playasia it will be released next March.

Considering when I used to play Metal Slug X on a weekly basis that my main character was Fio, and the fact that I should be able to pick it up while in Japan, I feel inclined to buy this.

Also not many official Metal Slug figures (that I know of) have been produced, my friend managed to find one of Marco at a car boot sale but wouldn't sell it to me. =_=

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