Monday, 28 November 2011

KOFXIII Console Version - Day Four

Spent most of today working on the BC Bypass video i mentioned in the previous entry, going to check it again tomorrow to see if I've made any mistakes before publishing it to the public. For now you can check out a preview of it here.

Also as you can see from the opening images I also worked on a 'B.Jenet' colour scheme for Mai today.

As I seem to remember B.Jenet was supposed to be like the 'replacement' character for Mai in MoTW so I thought it was fitting to create a colour scheme for this. It's also made picking Mai a bit more interesting for me.

I've not made many other colour edits today, I think the only one I REALLY wanted to make since before the game came out was nude raiden and I've already done that so have run out of ideas. xD

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