Friday, 25 November 2011

KOFXIII Console Version - Day One

Just wanted to share my first colour edit and a quick impression of the netcode before i popped off to bed. (Almost 4:30am here...)

Netcode so far I've found 2 bars to be a bit similar to 02UM's level of input lag, and 3 bars a bit more playable but still slight delays. Both online sessions I played with players in the UK.

Still I am enjoying the game so far.


  1. Naked Raiden is a thing of beauty.

    I have always wondered if you could customize Raiden to have his Fatal Fury 2 getup (as in, he had a double shoulder strap instead of a single one).

  2. heh it had to be done. xD

    I don't think you can, the colour edit option for the top half of his clothes is a solid block for his one strap.