Saturday, 26 November 2011

KOFXIII Console Version - Day Two/Three

I've pretty much been playing in whatever spare time outside of work so forgot to post up last night.

Found out you could edit the colours of Yuri's bottom area to skin colour, as well as her bra, so that had to be done.

Also finally got enough colours to attempt a Ninja Turtles version of the FF Villains Team.

Was supposed to be spending my day packing away my belongings today, but ended up working on a BC bypass video. There's still more work to be done on it but you can check the first version of it here

Any feedback on it would be great, it kind of makes sense to me but I also know that I'm not very good at explaining things xD

Had a quick run through of Story Mode today as well, not as impressive as I would have though but not too bad either. I didn't particularly like the lack of animation, especially after seeing the cut scenes from the Arcade version. (They do throw these in to Story Mode though.)

Also browsed through the Art CD that came with the PAL version, contains about 4 folders with some of the artwork that i believe is from the Japanese preorder phone cards, the original sketch work, and a few wallpapers for PC desktops. It also includes a combo video produced by the guys over on eLive.

At some point I will upload the contents of the Art disc but not for a while, as I think people who can buy the PAL version should do.

Haven't had any more play time online since Thursday, should probably get back to packing to be honest. xD


  1. Your ninja turtles custom is a total fail simply because Billy's clothes aren't turtle colored as well (☞゚∀゚)☞

    Btw, I lucked out with a copy of the game on a store which brought two of them (゚∇゚) I had to literally stalk the store by standing outside of it like 2 hours to see when the game would be brought in, since the last time I asked there they sold out right away (they didn't even made it to their display case window. I totally felt like the psycho stalker girl from Mirai Nikki.

    Having fun with the game, though I haven't played that much in my own console and thus, I haven't unlocked that many things. I want a Robo Army (pink) Maxima.

  2. heh, i wasn't sure what colour to choose for his overalls as it's simply a big block of colour.

    I had considered making it green as well but then he looked a bit like an army man toy lol, so just stuck with purple.

    Good stuff, glad to hear you've managed to get ahold of the game. I think Maxima actually has a pink colour set in his default 10 colours, not too sure if it's supposed to be the same palette as the Robo Army version though.

    There's a pretty cool colour edit of Maxima over on DreamCancel as Colosus from X-Men.

  3. Can you upload pc desktops. I want to use KOF 13 wallpaper on my pc and ps3. Thanks.

  4. There's not many wallpapers but I've uploaded it: