Thursday, 24 November 2011

KOFXIII - Console Version ! \o/

I received both of my copies of KOFXIII earlier today both without the preorder CD, apparently they are being sent out seperately...But an e-mail I receieved from Shopto seems to say that i might only get one set instead of two. =_= I've sent an e-mail to them so hopefully they'll clarify what's going on.

So far I've only played through the game once, unlocking Saiki along the way (apparently you just have to complete as many target actions as possible by the time you finish the third match in arcade mode).

I did get in a little bit of practice mode, discovering you can do quick maxes (inputting a special move whilst pressing B+C to get the special move and BC activate at the same time).

I also discovered how horrendously bad the lag is on my TV, struggling to do st.B -> st.C with Clark. =_=

Once I get home tonight I will be spending a little more time in practice mode and hopefully testing the netcode on Xbox Live, will try to write a bit more later if I can.


  1. Congrats, I actually haven't been able to get the game yet, even though stores have been packed the game for more than a week (sadly, they sell out pretty quickly).

  2. you lucky u got a email saying yur preorder cd is coming seprately. I don't have th email even though i bought the game from a day before relase and it says pre-order bonus cd included so I assume I get it as well. Oh well at least i got the KOF 10th Anniversary Soundtrack CD collection.

  3. I did not pre-order the game but, the store i bought at had the soundtrack along with the game( In the US). Listening to the 1st disk, its kind of half ass because I was expecting the music to be at least 3-5 minutes long, but the all averaging around 1:30-4 minutes. Definitely a good buy, colors are rich, stage look really good, it's a dream worth sleeping in for a year and half

  4. @Toxico: Dude you need to get ahold of the game, it's too fun xD

    @Anon1: Try e-mailing shopto or use their contact us form, they originally were only going to send me 1 CD but after i contacted them they have sent me the other one.

    @Anon2: I haven't had a chance to listen to the disc yet, i think the packaging for the discs of the US version was a bit nicer than the one we got here.