Tuesday, 1 November 2011

KOFXIII Sprites / Backgrounds

As you may have noticed I changed my blog's banner last night. As Raiden's drop kick was a point of personal obsession for a while I have dedicated it to (some of) the wonderful drop kicks of KOFXIII.

The sprites themselves come from a site called Logical Bends (click here for sprites), which i found via MMCafe's forums.The great thing about these sprite rips is that they are all on a transparent background, so are perfect for creating avatars/sigs/banners without having to manually remove white backgrounds.

Not all characters are available currently but there is enough there to have some fun with editing character sprites.

Here's one i made earlier:

As seen via DreamCancel's forums a dub of the third place match from MCM Expo, which made me laugh quite a bit.

And finally over an hour's worth of footage from France of the console version where you can check out various console exclusive changes in action:

As noted by SABCA in the video comments -

Saiki Cancel Combo at 32:20
Hwa Jai using Drink Mid combo at 33:44
New Benimaru Pressure, setup, combos 1:11:34
Use of Duo's new-style f+AC for combo extension: 1:12:20
Hwa Jai's new-to-console pressure strings: 1:18:20
Goro's new Throw Super Cancel in action! 1:20:50
Vice with the new Splash -> Overkill Cancel: 1:22:20