Wednesday, 2 November 2011

KOFXIII - Wednesday Brawl - GamerBase Live Stream

Streaming right now @

[Edit]: I ended up heading out to Gamer Base after work since I finished work earlier than usual, and although I did not enter the tournament I did play a few casuals.

Unfortunately the machine which was being used for casual matches did not have Saiki, Billy or EX Iori unlocked for play, the machines used for the tournament did have them, so I did not get the chance to test out much new things.

Cristina did tell me however that it is possible to do tap -> scumgale with EX Iori, as she had tried it out.

I mainly started to learn how to use Daimon and messed around a little bit with his dp+K -> Super cancel -> heaven to hell (hcbx2+P).

After heading home I watched the end of the stream, which you can watch the archived version of here.

Watch live video from EXDRAGON Project on

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