Wednesday, 9 November 2011

MCM Expo - KOFXIII Tournament - Semi Final pt.1

Gamespot uploaded the matches from the MCM Expo to their Youtube channel a couple of days ago, only just found out whilst browsing through's forums.

The uploads include the missing video from the archived stream, where I played MichelS in the semi finals.

Also seen on's forums is that the latest issue of Neo Magazine (no relation to Neo Geo) contains a feature on KOFXIII, according to the topic creator it is a four page spread/review.

If I get the chance I will try to browse through (maybe buy if I have the spare cash) at some point during the weekend.


  1. Neo was at the MCM expo and they had KOF XIII running with a console, didn't you see it?

  2. Was that the stand behind the RSG one ?

    I think I walked past it a couple of times wondering why there was a KOFXIII pod by itself, didn't look properly at the stand it accompanied though.