Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Upcoming December KOFXIII UK Tournaments.

Seems like KOFXIII is picking up fairly quickly in the UK, with tournaments being announced thick and fast, bit of a shame that as KOF has finally started to become popular here that I'm going to be out of the bloody country for a year... =_=

But still, great times for the other UK KOF players and of course for the community as a whole.

Coming up this weekend -

Nth Gen / Neo Empire @ London Gaming Con (3-4th December)

Then up in Scotland they will be starting their Ranking Battles on KOFXIII starting the 8th December.

And finally the One Month Later tournament held by EX Dragon Project on the 18th December.

Of these I am aiming to attend the One Month Later tournament, even though I would love to enter them all I still have loads to pack away and things to sort out...Stressful month... =_=

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