Monday, 7 November 2011

Usagi - New Elisabeth Cosplay Photo

Usagi has just uploaded a new photo of an Elisabeth cosplay to her Cure page.

Also whilst browsing through her gallery again today I found an older photo with her cosplaying a Maximum Impact version of Athena. <3

In unrelated news I went to pick up the results of my working holiday visa to Japan today, and my application was successful. So I will be off to Japan for a year from the 27th December, all I have to hope for now is that the £ -> Yen exchange rate improves before I go !


  1. Whoa, A full year? No wonder you where saving money for so long. Do me a favor and take the Professor for a few drinks or something.

    Don't bump shoulder with those Yakuza~~~

  2. Yeah, I've pretty much been trying to save for a full year. (Had to get myself out of a £2200 overdraft too!)

    Once I'm settled over there I'll be trying to do as much gaming/kof related stuff as I can, so I will try to get into contact with the Professor.

    Not going to be a fun first couple of months though, most likely i'll be in poverty mode xD

  3. If you want a traveler's advice, go to your nearest local distributor and buy BAGS AND BAGS of candy and cheap snacks preferably something like, twice your own weight on candy and chocolate (lol).

    When dealing with local or big time distributors you can save between 40% to 70% the price per product unit, and since snacks last a long time you could half rely on them for months to come. It would certainly be cheaper than buying local snacks or canned food in Japan, which usually is overpriced due to imports or exchange rate or simply because the lifestyle is more expensive there.

    As someone from Sudamerica (which has incredibly poor exchange rates and prices range chages even without leaving a country) advices such as these have certainly saved big bucks; simply by replacing breakfast and supper with snacks you can diminish expenses in a lot and have money to seclude yourself in your own vices.

    I remember living from candies for like a month in one of my visits to a more expensive town. In fact I usually shared the larges amounts of candy with some pals, and with that they usually took me out to eat..... food a lot better than candy. It was a conspiracy (☞゚∀゚)☞

  4. Thanks for the advice, i should be ok i think in terms of living and eating. (If not i'll be sure to check out wholesale prices on candy and snacks.)

    Just not going to be able to indulge in my usual toys and games buying frenzys xD