Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Small Update from Tokyo

Still haven't had much time to do very much gaming related whilst here, did manage to pop into Shinjuku Playland Carnival the other day and played one quick game of XIII.

Beat the guy who was playing and then got no more challenges, seemed like 98 and 02UM were getting played quite a bit though.

As you can see in the opening image they have a dial on the machine so you can pick between Kanto/Kansai/Taiwan button layouts, pretty cool considering I don't like using square configuration.

Managed to pick up a Kensou XIII chibi figure for Y400, did see a few of the other characters in the same shop but the prices were all like Y1000'ish.

Also my friend helped me pick up a Neo Geo CD console plus 94 from a car boot sale for Y1500 (about £12).

Still haven't managed to find work here yet, just moved into a guesthouse last night where I have a deal with the owner to go to his English Cafe 15 days a month to get reduced rent.

It's seriously too cold here, even sleeping with layered clothing and a jacket on and I still wake up bloody freezing in the middle of the night.

Gonna probably go to look for a heater unit today in Don Quijote, should be cheaper than me using the aircon all day.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Hello From Japan

Been a while since I have last post here, I haven`t forgotten about it, just have not had the time to post anything since I arrived to Japan last week.

So far I have had minimal time to play KOF, only trying KOF98UM:FE at the local Taito Station the other day.

Haven`t seen as much KOF merchandise as I would have thought but quite a few cheap things, so far I`ve only bought the Elizabeth figure from the KOFXIII chibi collection, was quite tempted to buy the KOF02 guide for Y350 but decided not to in the end.

Once I manage to get myself a bit more settled in (and get rid of this bloody flu) then I will try to post up some pics and visit more arcades.