Monday, 2 January 2012

Hello From Japan

Been a while since I have last post here, I haven`t forgotten about it, just have not had the time to post anything since I arrived to Japan last week.

So far I have had minimal time to play KOF, only trying KOF98UM:FE at the local Taito Station the other day.

Haven`t seen as much KOF merchandise as I would have thought but quite a few cheap things, so far I`ve only bought the Elizabeth figure from the KOFXIII chibi collection, was quite tempted to buy the KOF02 guide for Y350 but decided not to in the end.

Once I manage to get myself a bit more settled in (and get rid of this bloody flu) then I will try to post up some pics and visit more arcades.


  1. Well, it's nice to hear that you are doing -almost- fine, though I suppose it's kinda bad that you missed out end-year's drinking spree in England, but oh well.

    Let's hope to hear stories about you entering the female bath due to language barrier, going to tranny scam bars and accidentally bumping Yakuza groups in the shoulder (☞゚∀゚)☞

    BTW, the Professor did a small write up about SNK focused arcades here ->

    He also did a tourist guide meant for people that go to Tokyo and are mainly interested in the arcade business, it has maps and advices on how to get from place to place, it's here ->

    Hey, if you happen to play Last Blade in Alpha station or 95' in Ikebukuro or XI in Carnival Arcade, you are likely to find your way to my youtube channel (゚∇゚)

  2. heh, thanks for the link. Still haven't had enough time to check out arcades properly yet, only just managed to sort out and move into a guesthouse last night.

    Still havent even found work yet :(