Sunday, 5 February 2012

Shinjuku Carnival

Finally got a little time to head down to Shinjuku Carnival again today, luckily I didn't get lost on the way there or the way back. xD

I arrived there about 9pm (Sunday) and although there were people playing the KOF games there it wasn't really too busy in this section compared to Gundam or Tekken.

During the hour I spent there I played one game of KOFXIII (winning two challenges) and then finishing the game, and then got the shit completely kicked out of me on 02UM.

02UM appears to be the more popular of the KOF games in Carnival, playing on XIII it didn't seem the level was particularly high and not many people seem to eager to play it.

What I like about Carnival is the switch (as I showed in the previous blog entry) where you switch between button layouts, they also had this switch on the KOF02UM machine, and of course that it costs only 50Yen per game.

In regards to my non-KOF situation in Tokyo I still haven't found work yet sadly, and only have enough money left to scrape by two more months with enough money for basic living costs. So if I'm not able to find work pretty soon it looks like I will have to go back to UK at the end of March. :(

It's been fun here though so far, I've really enjoyed meeting loads of new people here and hanging out around Tokyo. Hopefully everything works out and I can stay here FOREVER xD


  1. English Teacher would more than likely be the best for you...cuz quite a few parents wants their little kids to be familiar with the language and educate them outside the school and, older ppl who hasnt got much chance to learn wanna be good at it cuz they need it when they travel abroad...and some may even find it British English is cooler than the American.oh so yeah, be open to every possibilities...

  2. I've been looking for English teaching jobs (conversation and teacher), however I don't seem to have been very successful applying anywhere yet.

    I'm not too sure whether it's just not a good time to be looking for work or whether I just suck xD

    At the English conversation cafe I go to regularly a lot of people tend to enjoy being able to speak to someone who speaks British English but I'm not sure why I can't find a bloody job D: haha

  3. Maybe looks matter as well.Japanese tend to be in the possession of the stereotypical eyes for ppl from other countries cuz most of them only "know" the ppl from overseas through the media, which is often biased and haven't met a single real one. Often, parents who wants English education for their kids don't celebrate Hip-Hop but rather they want the English tutor to look like the one who listen to Classical Music, you know.Same for the elders who can afford a English Lesson fee. Thie may sound dumb, but this is part of the reality.So you can be like the guy who's never played KOF or whatever, it doesn't really matter what sort of gentleman you turn up to be to teach them.They sometimes sees the Language something holy...
    and so yeah, When school is having a spring break, they may have English Camp everywhere.