Saturday, 2 June 2012

Long time...

It's been a long time since I last posted, apologies but my life here has been a bit busier than I would have imagined so haven't had very much time to play or do many KOF related things. :(

For the stuff that's happened in between my last post and now as some of you may know I met up with Gunsmith and Professor a couple of times, KOF Climax and KOF-i 2012 were released. 

Whenever I have time I try to play a little bit of KOF-i 2012, and try to pop down to Shinjuku Carnival to play some Climax.

I was a little disappointed that Clark in 2012 doesn't have his armour grab, and it's a little difficult to do his EX grab -> off the floor super. But still it's a great update to the previous app. 

I finally started working at a part-time job this April, teaching English at an after school club for Elementary (about 6-9 years old) level children. Because it's only part-time I still have to find another job to do in the other time slots I have available for work, although it can be quite fun here in Japan it really sucks when you live on a small budget. :-/

I've turned into a bit of an One Piece fanatic since coming here, although I was a fan anyway, there is so much merchandise here it's hard not to try to buy as many things OP related as possible. xD

 Most recently I got bitten by a mosquito three times in the same bloody arm, it's pretty swollen and I hope not infected because I don't have the money to go to see a doctor. D:

I've bought quite a few bits and bobs of SNK related stuff since coming here so I'll try to get around to taking some photographs at some point. ^^