Saturday, 2 June 2012

Long time...

It's been a long time since I last posted, apologies but my life here has been a bit busier than I would have imagined so haven't had very much time to play or do many KOF related things. :(

For the stuff that's happened in between my last post and now as some of you may know I met up with Gunsmith and Professor a couple of times, KOF Climax and KOF-i 2012 were released. 

Whenever I have time I try to play a little bit of KOF-i 2012, and try to pop down to Shinjuku Carnival to play some Climax.

I was a little disappointed that Clark in 2012 doesn't have his armour grab, and it's a little difficult to do his EX grab -> off the floor super. But still it's a great update to the previous app. 

I finally started working at a part-time job this April, teaching English at an after school club for Elementary (about 6-9 years old) level children. Because it's only part-time I still have to find another job to do in the other time slots I have available for work, although it can be quite fun here in Japan it really sucks when you live on a small budget. :-/

I've turned into a bit of an One Piece fanatic since coming here, although I was a fan anyway, there is so much merchandise here it's hard not to try to buy as many things OP related as possible. xD

 Most recently I got bitten by a mosquito three times in the same bloody arm, it's pretty swollen and I hope not infected because I don't have the money to go to see a doctor. D:

I've bought quite a few bits and bobs of SNK related stuff since coming here so I'll try to get around to taking some photographs at some point. ^^


  1. Congrats for at least getting a job for the kids. I know they'll remember you when they get older!

    about the mosquito thing, try to cover your arms and legs with your clothes...
    and one fashionable thing, you can use Mosquito coil,you know the stuff that looks like some sort of a magical spell...if you dont like its looks, then I'm sure they got more modern items on the store which are not too expensive cuz this is a matter of everyday life, if not of life or death, you know!

  2. I just decided not to open my window anymore!!

    I've been bitten so many times in the past month it's crazy!

  3. Mosquitos are kinda semi nocturnal and they dive head in towards strong lights or heat, thus the key is opening your windows during the day, when the strongest light sources are from the outside, and the moment you need to use the any lights, always close all windows beforehand.

    I have 2 pretty huge selvatic gardens with Mosquitos that are bigger than my hands, so you have to learn how to be smart or use a copybook to smash them up.