Monday, 27 August 2012

Knights Chance, New AES Game ??

Recently a group called Neobitz has been teasing regarding a game they have in development for the Neo Geo AES, so far not much details have been revealed aside from the fact that it will comprise of four games and will be a puzzle/variety style game.

Check out their Facebook page for more details as they are released.

Also speaking of the Neo Geo, I was recently reading about the Neo Geo X portable which is due for release some time in the near future. The 'Gold Package' is looking rather tempting, which comes with a base unit designed to look like the original AES unit as well as a joystick.

At the moment from what I know the US version will cost $199, no idea on what the European price is at the moment.

Stay tuned to their website for more details.


  1. The Gold package does sound amazing, and if you could play 2p action with the console and the control, that would be awesome. But since they haven't mentioned it, I doubt that it would happen. Also, since they haven't mentioned the control to have compatibility with current gen consoles, I'm also expecting for the Neo Geo stick to only work with the portable (booh).

    I do plan to get the gold version, but I'll probably have to wait a lot after release date, the price seems cheap enough and it's bound to drop some within a year.

  2. It looks like the front of the base unit has plugs for two controls, so hopefully it will accept a second stick.

    I think I read a rumour the base accepts USB so it might be possible to use a second usb stick? I'm not too sure, maybe that was just speculation.

    Hopefully I can find a job when I get back to the UK, I would like to get this also !!