Friday, 24 August 2012

Yatagarasu coming to 3DS e-Shop???

Saw this posted up over on Tinycartridge this morning.

Although not an SNK title, members of the team who created this doujin game have previously worked on SNK titles.

I'm not too familiar with Yatagarasu myself, I've tried various old versions of the PC version but never played it properly and checked it out more out of curiosity than anything else.

The overall design of the game itself looks great though and whenever it's released I look forward to checking it out and playing it properly.

No release date or price that I can find information for so far but I look forward to being able to play more fighting games on the 3DS.

At the moment the only one I can play is Blazblue, which i'm not a great fan of, but the Squirrel character Makoto reminds me of Vanessa from KOF.

I'm still hoping SNKP get off their arses and release some games for the 3DS, I'd love to play some of the old NGPC fighters on the 3DS.

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