Wednesday, 28 August 2013

A Quick Look Back at GamesMaster (UK TV Show)

For those who may not know, Gamesmaster was a television programme which ran in the early to late ninties on British television.

Because back in those days the internet hadn't become the mainstream tool we all use today, it was one of the few sources of gaming information in those times. (Other than games magazines of course.)

Actually it was one of the things which had made me interested in the Neo Geo in the first place.
I remember seeing challenges on King of the monsters, Soccer Brawl and even KOF95. (See video below for the KOF challenge.)

Since then I don't believe there has been a television show in the UK for gaming that has ever matched it's popularity, so many gamers in the UK remember this television show very fondly.

In the later series of the show you can even see some of the fighting games players from the UK, who are still playing fighting games today!

Recently I've been working my way through watching every episode again, since luckily Youtube user DynamiteHeaddy has uploaded them all. He's also uploaded various other UK TV shows from the 90s, so it's worth checking out his channel.

Although the show nowadays may seem a bit silly, back then it was one of the best television programmes!

You can read more about the show on Wikipedia.

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