Sunday, 18 August 2013

Rumour: New KOF Dream Match in development. ??

Saw this posted over on MMCafe's forums.

According to this rumour, SNKP are planning to release a dream match game to mark the 20th anniversary for the series.

From MMCafe's forums:

- Marking its 20th anniversary next year, The next KOF is currently in preparation for (arcade) operation around October. First details are slated for release around March - April.

- It will be a Dream Match and won't be a numbered title. It might possibly feature a subtitle instead.

- Over 50 characters are slated for the game. 36 characters are already solid for the lineup; their design and figures are already under development.

- They (SNK Playmore) are planning the sensational return of character(s) not in the KOF series.

- The sprites used in XIII will not be recycled. They are re doing everything in 3D for 1080P. (It isn't the method where they use 3D models and do the 2D pixel art based on them). This is for using various character ???? (toon rendering?) and technology in order to make use of camera angle and effects, meanwhile keeping the same speedy gameplay as the game did in 2D.

- (not too sure on this) The system has some issues which are still being fixed?

- The combos will be easier than the system in XIII to make the game more friendly to players. They are giving consideration to makeing the game's combo more like 98.

- The development is costing them the most budget and most staff in the series' history, and they're still seeking for additional recruits. (No word on what board the game will run on).

Please note: that at this point this of course is still a rumour, and may not be indicative of what the next KOF release will be like, so make of it what you will.

But of course if true this is exciting news, there are many characters that I would love to see making their way back to KOF!!

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