Monday, 27 January 2014

Goddamn Transformers...!!!

Today I bought Kettou Transformers Beast Wars for the Gameboy Color for the second time, because my first copy didn't load past the 'Nintendo' screen, and guess what? It doesn't work either!!

This copy although it manages to make it past the 'Nintendo' screen, it gets stuck on the 'Takara' screen instead...Maybe this is God's way of telling me not to bother with this game lol.

Although to be honest, I'm still gonna buy it if I see it again...Third time lucky maybe...

Anyway, to those curious about this game it's a 2D fighting game. I have a lot of really fond memories playing Takara's ports of SNK games on the GameBoy, in fact my first ever post on this blog was about the KOF96 port, so I enjoy tracking down their GB games.

You can check out some footage of the gameplay on the video below;


  1. Any chance that it's actually the device? I doubt that you have a helpful friend close by that also has a GB ready for testing.

  2. I thought it might be the device's connectors at first, but tested it in a GB pocket, GBA, and original GB. All had the same result :(

    Just bad luck with this game. >:(