Sunday, 26 January 2014

Monster Hunter 4G / 4U Announced (3DS)

Pretty much out of nowhere, Capcom has announced both the release of MonHun4G and the Western release as 4 Ultimate.

Apparently the save data from the Japanese of 4 will carry over to 4G, though I'm not sure if that means your entire character carries over or (IIRC) like in the older PSP games you can only carry over a limited set of items.

Also seems like a desert area is making a return, which may mean a return for some of the desert based monsters.

Anyways, 4G has been announced for an autmn or late 2014 release, whereas the Western release of 4U will be out sometime early 2015.

I only just stopped playing recently after about 300 hours game time, so great news. :D

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