Saturday, 18 January 2014

The King of Dragons (Super Famicom/SNES)


It's been a while again since I've last posted.
Was a bit addicted to playing Monster Hunter 4, and I've been a bit busy being back at work again.

Below is my guild card in case you where interested, haven't played for a few weeks but might play it again this weekend since I found out there are some new event quests. 

Went back to London over Xmas and picked up the English version of Dragon's Crown, so have gotten back into playing through that again. Been going through it a bit slower than I did the first time I played the JP version, probably because I've done it before so I'm not as motivated.

Also whilst I was back I decided to bring back a couple of retro games to Japan with me, one of them being The King of Dragons on the Super Famicom.
Although I've owned this game for quite a long time, I have really made much of an attempt to playing through it properly. As I've been getting more and more into playing scrolling beat 'em ups lately, I've decided to play this a bit this weekend.

It's quite nice dipping into the old Capcom beat 'em up games to see where the influence for Dragon's Crown came from, particularly since (IIRC) George Kamitani had previously worked on the D&D games at Capcom.

It's a pretty fun game, and worth checking out. Even if it's just finding the rom and playing it on emulation. Fairly long in length as well, managed to scrape my way up to the boss on the 14th stage and found out after on Google search that there's actually another two more stages!!

Below is my latest score on the game, only wrote my name as 'A' because it doesn't save the score onto the cartridge anyway. (And was a bit pissed off I died tbh.)

Anyways also be sure to check out the Capcom Database website for loads of artwork of the game, have put only a couple of examples below but there are plenty more of great images on that site.


  1. Ah, I always go for weird names on console games (Since I'm the only one that plays 1p games, no need to asset my own identity; it also gets boring to read your name each and every time reated 15 times in a row).

    Eventually, I started inputting mobile suits & personal trooper serial numbers (such as F98 or MSN or RTX an stuff. It's fun to see how much of the series I could remember after clearing the game. In the ps2 era, I knew a lot to fill every score with a different serial (tekken games have like 90 places to input scores, so that was a damn lot)---- As of today, I have problems with 10 different spaces.

    King of Dragons on SNES is not a bad game to learn how to beat on your own. It runs pretty smoothly on the SNES (hated the Final Fight & late capcom ports. 3 enemies on the screen is idiotic). Though the SNES game is easier than the arcade one since blocking is more useful and easier to perform.

    I'll add you on psn later, har har. Dragon's Crown runs pretty smoothly internationally, unlike fighting games. Nothing like stalking your favorite net people e·v·e·r·y · m·o·v·e ♪

  2. Was never too much of a fan of the first Final Fight game, not too sure why but never did manage to get into it. The second game I quite liked though.

    I'll have to try the arcade version of TKOD at some point, I remember playing loads of Magic Sword on the SNES and then being amazed at how much better the arcade version looked lol.

    If you do add me on PSN, make sure it's my new account: Kuso4649Jijii.
    I made a new account on the JP PSN after I bought a Vita, bloody forgot my password on my old Japanese account lol... -_-;;