Monday, 24 March 2014

The Rhythm of Fighters / Metal Slug Defense trademarks registered by SNKP

Saw this over on Kotaku, seems like SNKP have registered trademarks for two games; The Rhythm of Fighters and Metal Slug defense.

Not very exciting in my opinion, but at least they seem to be making something. It's been a while since XIII came out, and although it was a fun game (that I haven't played for a while now due to not living near any arcades/not being able to afford playing arcades) I'm still waiting for the news of the next game.


In any case, have been playing a lot of the first One Piece Kaizoku Musou game on PS3 lately. Bought it some time during summer for Y250 and was reluctant to play it at the time because I was so horribly dissapointed at the Hokuto Musou game.

It has a much improved system over the Hokuto game, and is a lot FASTER. So have been enjoying it a lot.

I've also managed to finally get up to Infernal mode on Dragon's Crown whilst commuting to job interviews and getting my arse kicked pretty badly but it's probably the most interesting Vita game I own so probably gonna try sticking to it for a bit longer.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

The King of Dragons Revisited - Completed with Fighter.

Been a little busy lately, looking for a new job and moving in to a new apartment but decided to take a little break during the past few nights to go back to playing a bit of The King of Dragons on the Super Famicom.

Was a bit more lucky this time playing through, somehow managed to find all three hidden Yashichi continues and it was enough to help me complete the game. Although I had read there were continues hidden in the game, I wasn't sure where they were or even how many there were so I was quite lucky.

One of them was hidden on I think stage 6 behind the pillar (at the beginning of the stairs section IIRC), and the other two were hidden at the bottom of the screen where you have to fight mummy monsters.

Have included a few images of the ending screen:

Also since I completed the SFC version, I decided to check out the arcade version via MAME to check out some of the differences between versions.

I think the most obvious difference would be that the game looks better, and I thought was a little more difficult compared to the SFC version.

When you pick up items the game shows you the points value of items, and when you hit the arrows/spears that are thrown at you it also shows you the points value.

There's also a thief, that's not in the SFC version, that sometimes pops out trying to steal your treasure. (This reminded me of Dragon's Crown a lot.) If you hit him he drops a gold pouch with a question mark on it.

The Black Knight boss also has two dragons on each side of the screen which shoot fire at you.

There were probably a few other differences but I can't think of them at the moment.

Anyways, managed to complete this version also. (Considering you can pump an infinite amount of credits into MAME, it wasn't such a great achievement.)

Overall, have enjoyed playing this game and would recommend it to anyone. I think if you are going to play both versions it's probably better to play the SFC version first as although it's a decent port there are still a few things missing. I could probably appreciate the arcade version a lot more as it felt more like a 1.5 version of the game lol.

Will probably continue playing it to see how far I can get with some of the other characters, may do another write up in the future with my progress.

Edit: Just went back and played the SFC version again and removed some of the differences that I made a mistake about. Also found out the continue Yashichi seems to have some kind of requirement, couldn't get it this time around.